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Global Gifts Kids for Kids | Haiti – Kids for Kids

Give a child a goat to raise that they can sell and use the proceeds to buy school uniforms, books and shoes and to pay tuition.

| Pray for Kihomi Ngwemi & Nzunga Mabudiga
| The Story of Dezo
| Haiti – Health, Healing and Hope

The Women’s Association of Haiti has broad-based ministries to impoverished communities, taking a holistic approach to improve all areas of life.

| Haiti – Building a School, Phase 1

This project will construct a new, earthquake safe building for the Ecole du l’Enfant Epanoul school, and give them space to accept more students from low-income families.

| Disappointed!

As September is nearly upon us (Tomorrow), during my morning devotions I realized how disappointed I am. I asked “Why am I disappointed?”, or “What is the feeling i have and why is it causing me associate it with disappointment?”.