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| Five Months into Covid Life; Five Emotions that Accompany Us Today

A few thoughts and reflections from these past five months and some big news to share!

| A Prayer for Peace in a Season of Unknowns

A short reflection on the unknowns of this season, and an invitation to pray together for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

| Holy Week – then and now

What the first Holy Week can teach us about communing, holding loss, times of waiting, and each one’s journey to embrace the resurrection.

| Gathering (virtually!) to Share Hope

A message of hope from a leader in difficult times. Join us on Tuesday, March 24 as we “gather together” to celebrate the legacy of Oscar Romero in the 40th Anniversary of his assassination.

| The Mysterious Power of Connections

How sharing a common mission creates a connection that surpasses our understanding and builds family-like community.

| Heaviness & Hope

When we find ourselves without words, without inspiration: transparency in life’s heaviness and hope.