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| Maryland couple endorsed to serve God in El Salvador  

The couple will continue their current ministry through Misión Vida y Paz (MVP) (Mission Life and Peace), a registered non-profit in El Salvador and a new IM partner. MVP, founded by Eliberto and Molly in 2015, is a peace-building and educational program based on biblical values that is being introduced in the public schools.

| Pray for Eliberto and Molly Juarez endorsed to serve in El Salvador in ministries of peace building and social transformation.

Eliberto Juarez and Molly Jamison Juarez are endorsed to serve as global servants in El Salvador with IM partner Mision Vida y Paz (MVP), or Mission Life and Peace. They share a strong commitment to peace building and social transformation through the power of the gospel.

| Growing the Family

The strength of God’s people joining as one family for service: how one small seed of ministry grew to reach thousands of students, sharing God’s dream of peace and transformation in El Salvador.

| Over the top!
| A desbordar…
| To the ends of the earth… / Hasta lo ultimo de la tierra…