Tag: Prayer Requests
| Pray for Larry and Rebecca Stanton serving in Hungary and Eastern Europe in service to immigrants and refugees, education and discipleship.

Larry and Becky are currently serving with International Ministries partners Hungarian Baptist Aid and the Baptist Union of Hungary.

| Pray for Sarah Nash serving women and children through ministries of discipleship, education and health in Bolivia.

Sarah serves through the new extension of House of Hope in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. As an educator and dental assistant, Sarah is passionate about serving women and children through ministries of discipleship, education and health.

| Pray for Brian and Lynette Smith, recently arrived in Haiti to serve as Global Servants ministering in the name of Jesus.

Brian and Lynette Smith and their two children Ricky and Calen arrived in Haiti on May 14th.

| Pray for Kathy and Dr. Tim Rice, meeting needs and training doctors and nurses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Rice’s vision is to train the next generation of Congolese doctors and nurses in Christ-centered, whole-person care, empowering them to use the limited resources available to restore life and health across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Their desire is to facilitate worldwide partnerships, enabling health professionals to participate in mutual exchange of expertise at the Vanga Evangelical Hospital and elsewhere in the world.

| Pray for Jill and Mike Lowery ministering in the name of Jesus to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mike serves as pastor of the International Church of Kinshasa, which has a long history of serving English speakers in the capital city. Jill works with Mitendi Women’s Center and Mitendi Primary School, ministering to marginalized and vulnerable young women and children.

| Pray for Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga serving the Lord and raising up Christian leaders in Haiti.

Kihomi and Nzunga preach in churches and serve through a variety of ministries. Nzunga teaches theology at the Christian University of Northern Haiti, trains assistant professors and administers a scholarship program for elementary- through university-age students.