Tag: Short-Term Mission

A multi-lingual team of ten represented International Ministries at the 2022 Urbana Conference.

| Blessings

What a blessing it was to have witnessed God’s anointing and love over a team of short-term mission servants, eager and ready to serve cross-culturally as God’s ambassadors! My cup was full.

| Up-Coming Virtual Journeys

Are you eager to serve in cross-cultural settings? The Short-Term Mission team shares some up-coming opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ virtually and in-person. Why don’t you come with open hearts and minds to meet God in unique ways and settings?

| Reflections

Volunteers are slowly resuming in-person short-term mission trips. The staff at the Short-Term Mission is delighted to share some of the reflections they hear during debriefings, once volunteers have returned.

| Together at last…
| Beautiful Connections

Did you know that two desks at International Ministries sponsored a 3-Day virtual discovery short-term mission trip with SAT-7 to the MENA region in September 2022?