Tag: Short-Term Volunteers
| Learning to Heal and Live in Rwanda

Rev. Dr. James Kelsey shares his reflections of heart transformation during a learning trip he made earlier this year to Rwanda.

| What Was & Is

We lament and grieve what was and is, as we live in this season of pandemic. What was and is, has our attention today and helps form our tomorrows. We remember the historical chapel at Milot in Haiti. We remember…in order to move forward.

| Being Guided

We may be looking to the East, West or South for God to guide our steps in short-term missions. We discern with you how God is calling you to move forward, in light of the IM focus ministries; health, economic development, immigration & refugees, human trafficking, education, peace & justice and partners’ invitations. Join us as you are able.

| Faith Vs. Fear

Excerpts of reflections sent by Pastor Marion E. Criddle & a couple of members from the short-term mission team from Rivers of Joy Church. They were serving in Kenya as the current pandemic was evolving.

| Flexibility & Openness

“Purpose supersedes death” is a phrase the team from Berea College was given while they served on a short-term mission trip in Nassau during their spring break.

| Windows Connect

Hope is born and nurtured between Middletown (Ohio) and Valencia (Spain).