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| White Cross Burundi – Education

The Batwa tribe in Burundi live in poor, primitive communities. They exist by hunting and gathering, and are often subjected to racism and discrimination. Educating these vulnerable children will help transform the Batwa community. This is an ongoing project for three years. The most urgent need is to provide food and school supplies that will enhance the ability of these children to attend school and become literate. The project’s total cost is $23,535 over three years, or $7,845 per year. Funds will provide school uniforms, soap, school supplies like books and pens, and a school lunch.

| A Grand Finish

The literacy program at Sofia Baptist Church finishes the year in grand style with a visit to the zoo and other activities.

Global gifts Nine | White Cross – India Nine Hospitals, Clinics and Mobile Units

This White Cross project seeks to raise $75,000 to provide medical supplies for hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units in North East India.

Global Gifts thai | White Cross – Thailand Kwai River Hospital

This White Cross project seeks to raise $7,500 to help change the quality of patient care by providing important sanitary medical supplies to create a clean environment for healing at the Kwai River ChristianHospital in northern Thailand.

Health Kits Global Gifts | White Cross – South Africa Galilean Health Kits for Health Builders

This White Cross project seeks to raise $8,000 to equip Health Builders with Galilean Health Kits and training so they can provide good care to the KwaZulu-Natal community.

White Cross - Philippines | White Cross – Philippines

In the Philippines, everyday emergencies for families arise and IM is able to offer a helping hand through our partners to share the love of Christ through your gifts.