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| White Cross – Dominican Republic, Food, School Supplies and More for Haitians

This project provides monthly groceries and medications for 350 Haitian children, men and women.

| White Cross – Congo Medical Supplies, Nurses’ Training and Transportation

This project provides medications, hospital supplies and training for nurses for the 13 hospitals that are part of the Congolese Baptist Community.

| White Cross – China Drug Detoxification and Rehab Center

Help provide books and medical supplies for the students and teachers of Born Again Garden ministry in China.

Bolivia Medical Supplies | White Cross – Bolivia – House of Hope Medical and Dental Supplies

Your support will provide dental and medical clinics for 500 children & adults in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

| My Experience in Maisi and Baracoa

We saw the ravages of Hurricane Matthew during much of our journey. It was devastating to see how houses, churches, and entire schools were totally destroyed, even coconut palm trees were literally uprooted!

| Tangible Blessings Of Love

These are tangible blessings because of the White Cross supplies which came to Congo this year.  These blessings, through White Cross are possible because of you.