November 14, 2017 Thailand – Rice for House of Blessing Families
Thailand - Rice for House of Blessing Families
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GoalInternational Ministries seeks to raise $13,700 to provide rice for the families of the 43 children studying at the House of Blessing in Thailand.
SummaryBy providing rice to the families of young students, the House of Blessing is not only meeting nutritional needs but also helping to keep the children from being sent to beg in the night market.
DescriptionIn the overcrowded slums of Chiang Mai, Thailand, it is hard to come by steady employment, much less a living wage. Parents struggle to meet their families' basic needs, and when there isn't enough food to go around, the children are often sent out to the night market to beg. The House of Blessing (HOB) is an early childhood education center that serves ethnic minority hill tribe children living in the slums. In addition to promoting the emotional, social and spiritual growth of each child, the HOB provides all students with a hot lunch every day. The hot lunches are already making a tremendous difference; however, one meal a day is not enough for a growing child. When children come to school exhausted from the lack of food and from spending much of the night begging, their health and their classwork both suffer. That is why the HOB has begun providing bags of rice to students' families. Each family is required to contractually agree that the children will not be made to beg on school nights. As a result, children are coming to school more consistently and more well rested. Their behavior and attention spans have improved, and they are better able to learn. In short, by meeting the children's needs at home, the rice distribution program is making the entire ministry of the HOB more effective.
Suggested Gifts$30 provides one family with enough rice for a month $300 provides one family with rice for 10 months
Prayer RequestsPlease pray that this rice will help keep kids off the street and in school