March 5, 2018 White Cross – Dominican Republic, Food, School Supplies and More for Haitians
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
GoalInternational Ministries seeks to raise $9,800 per year through White Cross for the ministries of the Church in Action in the Dominican Republic. Total goal of $29,400.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $9,800 per year to purchase and provide food and school supplies for the ministries of the Church in Action in the Dominican Republic.
DescriptionGetting a school education in the Dominican Republic is very difficult for those who are poor.This is especially true for Haitians living in the impoverished batey areas that surround the sugarcane fields. The Church in Action in Santo Domingo has tutoring programs to help these children stay in or return to school, and also supports their families by providing healthy food and offering preventive health care and treatment for those with hypertension and high blood sugar. Through White Cross, the church cares for more than 500 families! It is anticipated that this project will help children complete their school educations, give mothers basic supplies for their newborns and improve the quality of medical care for dozens of children in the bateys of the Dominican Republic.
Suggested GiftsAn example of what your gift could buy. $100 provides sheets, towels, bandages, diapers,vitamins and baby clothing for mothers $250 gives 6 children school uniforms, books and school supplies $500 equips medical clinics to care for 100 patients children.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the economic situation of the bateys, where parents struggle to provide enough food and meet their families’ basic health care needs Please pray for the children who can’t go to school because they don’t have the required uniforms or supplies