Ann & Bruce Borquist
Ann & Bruce Borquist

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Ann and Bruce serve as regional consultants with partner Baptist conventions in the Asia-Pacific Region, including Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. They work alongside national leaders to build capacity in theological education, church-based community and economic development, servant leadership, social entrepreneurship, cross-cultural global servant training and ministry with refugees.

Since 1987, Ann and Bruce have served in the Philippines, the U.S. and Brazil. Most recently, in Brazil they worked with the National Baptist Convention of Brazil as co-coordinators of the Integral Mission Network and the national program of Leadership and Ministry Development and helped equip Brazilian missionaries to share the good news of Jesus Christ in Brazil and around the world.
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| What is “Church”?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be “the church”? While it’s common to say we “go to church” on Sundays, theologians remind us we “go to be with the church” since “church” is the fellowship of God’s people – the community of faith – and not a building. We recently explored different dimensions of “being church” with the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches.

| Building each other up – for mission

You often hear from us that in today’s world all God’s people are working together in God’s mission ‘from everywhere to everyone’

| Not in the News

Here are some of the stories we heard during a recent ministry trip to three countries in Southeast Asia. God is working in and through partners who live in countries where Christians are only barely tolerated.

My sisters and brothers in Christ welcomed me so warmly | Jesus, Women and the Church

“Men and women are equal … but women are a little bit lower,” remarked the young man in a class I (Ann) recently taught.

ACTS students | Where in the world is …?

“Where exactly are you now?” a friend asked. Good question!

Joyful diversity of God’s family at the APBF meetings | “Global mission is not just for the West”

We were part of an amazing gathering of Christian sisters and brothers in Indonesia! If one phrase could capture the message of the events we attended, it would be this: global mission is no longer just for the West.