Ann & Bruce Borquist
Ann & Bruce Borquist

Live screen window showing Sharon, Madeline, Bruce and Ann
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ANN serves as Global Consultant for ministry “From Everywhere to Everyone” to build capacity in contextualized theological education, servant leadership, cross-cultural skills development, church-based holistic community transformation and work with refugees. BRUCE serves as Global Consultant for Holistic Community and Economic Development to promote faith-based social entrepreneurship, servant leadership, cross cultural skills development, and church-based holistic community transformation. They work alongside a wide range of Baptist partners including those in Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. Ann and Bruce have also served in the Philippines, the U.S. and Brazil since 1987.
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Live screen window showing Sharon, Madeline, Bruce and Ann | A Virtual Mission Conference – New Eyes

God is doing new things! Assumptions and traditions that we took for granted in our faith lives — maybe considered essential and even sacred — don’t work anymore. New ways of thinking about and being Jesus followers are taking their place.

Ann preaching through Zoom on a Sunday during lockdown | New Realities, New Opportunities

God’s words of comfort and reassurance spoken through the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 43 take on new meaning in these troubled times.

Image of emergency alert by NZ government | Apart but Together

The jarring emergency alert siren sounded on all our phones simultaneously just as we were clearing the table from a family dinner. It was a sobering announcement: the whole of New Zealand will be on lockdown for at least the next four weeks.

| Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

How can we encourage people to delve deeply into the Bible in a way that helps God speak into their lives? How can churches create an environment that brings people closer to Jesus and emboldens them to live out their faith at home, with friends, in the workplace, and with the forgotten ones who often are at the periphery of our everyday lives? Tools to Equip and Empower (TEE), a global movement we cooperate with, responds to these needs.

| Let the Little Children Come to Me

When was the last time you heard a piece of really good news? The kind that lifts your spirits and renews your sense of hope? Read on for just such a story.

| Seeking a Safe Space

Safe spaces are important for all of us, and especially for the poor and vulnerable in our communities. I (Ann) saw how important the ministry of safe spaces is to our witness as Jesus followers on a recent trip to work with Baptist partners in two SE Asian countries.