Why Give to International Ministries

With your help, church leaders receive contextualized theological education, children attend school, survivors of exploitation experience restoration, community leaders become advocates of peace and justice, and indigenous people access clean drinking water. 

As you become involved in the restorative work happening in the name of Jesus around the world, God will broaden your picture of the church, your understanding of who God is, and what it can mean to be a follower of Jesus.

Together, led by the Holy Spirit, we can respond to the call of Jesus and you can participate in God’s work to build God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” in these ways.

  1. Inviting people to be disciples of Christ through evangelism, discipleship and theological education.

  2. Proclaiming God’s reign of peace, justice and abundant life by serving the needs of immigrants and refugees, advocating for peace and justice, abolishing modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons, enabling education and economic development and promoting health and wellness.

  3. Equipping the body of Christ to minister everywhere, engage in short-term mission, involve youth and young adults and build capacity and provide training.

  4. Pursuing excellence through faithful stewardship, including financial accountability with the gifts entrusted to International Ministries.

How are gifts used?

84% Program expenses
10% Administrative support and fees
6% Development and fundraising

General Fund

Gifts to the general fund are needed, in addition to personalized support for global servants. Part of the general fund furnishes resources like the website, awareness-building, mission education, WMO resources, finance and donor services, and home office support. It covers expenses for the work of mobilizing the next generation of global servants, building relationships between global servants, international partners and mission supporters. Even when personalized support falls behind, IM’s general fund helps keep global servants in ministry. Learn more about why the general fund matters.

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Personalized Support for a Global Servant

Global Servants serve together with IM’s international partners by raising personalized support. A personalized support goal  (PSG) has 3 parts:

a. Direct compensation /benefits /retirement (which varies by location and cost of living)

b. Direct ministry part (varies on family size, education needs, etc.)

c. Missionary support services (MSS) part in which all equally share in what it takes to provide pastoral care and the staff who are directly involved with the global servants.

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Mission Projects

Gifts for specific mission projects, White Cross projects and disaster relief funds have life-changing impact. IM comes to the aid of others and serves alongside our partners in specific ways through these projects.

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General Endowment

Gifts for the IM endowment generate investment income in perpetuity. An endowed gift is a gift that keeps on giving to God’s mission. By growing the endowment, you allow future missionaries to respond to the call. Contact Mission Advancement zdripps@internationalministries.org with your questions.

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