Why Give to International Ministries
What does International Ministries do?

Your gift through IM is vital support for global servants and partners serving in over 70 countries. The work of IM around the world is focused on these foundational mission priorities:

  1. Inviting people to be disciples of Christ through evangelism, discipleship and theological education.
  2. Proclaiming God’s reign of peace, justice and abundant life by serving the needs of immigrants and refugees, advocating for peace and justice, abolishing modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons, enabling education and economic development and promoting health and wellness.
  3. Equipping the body of Christ to minister everywhere, engage in short-term mission, involve youth and young adults and build capacity and provide training.
  4. Pursuing excellence through faithful stewardship, including financial accountability with the gifts entrusted to International Ministries.
How are gifts used?

84% Program expenses
10% Administrative support and fees
6% Development and fundraising

IM pursues faithful stewardship and financial accountability with the gifts entrusted to us. Each donor’s intent will be fulfilled for designated gifts as much possible with the understanding that IM has complete discretion and direction over all gifts received.

Where will my gift do the most good?

God is doing great things through IM global servants and partners around the world, and every gift makes an immeasurable difference to the people whom it touches.

If you are passionate about a particular ministry or part of the world, you might consider supporting a global servant or mission project in that area.

If you want IM to send your gift wherever it is needed most, you could give to the IM General Fund—or make a “gift that keeps on giving” and contribute to the IM Endowment.

Global Servant Support

When you make a donation for an IM global servant, you are helping to meet a personalized support goal (PSG). This is the funding necessary for a global servant to live and serve where God has called. Because the cost of living varies from country to country, PSGs also vary. Part of the PSG is used for living expenses, such as housing, retirement, medical benefits and other personal and family needs. Another part includes basic ministry expenses, such as travel visas, passports and services like technology licenses and internet. The remainder includes vital indirect support by dedicated global personnel services, including an area director.

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General Fund

Gifts to the General Fund are needed, in addition to personalized support for global servants, to fill the gap that is not covered by the PSG. Part of the General Fund furnishes resources like the website, awareness-building, mission education, finance and donor services and home office support. It covers expenses for the work of mobilizing the next generation of missionaries, building relationships between global servants, international partners and mission supporters. Even when personalized support falls behind, IM’s General Fund helps global servants stay in ministry by making up the difference.

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Mission Projects

Gifts for specific mission projects, White Cross projects and disaster relief funds have life changing impact. IM comes to the aid of others and serves alongside our partners in specific ways through these projects.

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Gifts for the IM endowment are wise stewardship that generates investment income in perpetuity. An endowed gift is the gift that keeps on giving to God’s mission. By growing the endowment, you will be growing the possibility for future missionaries responding to the call.

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What else do I need to know?

With questions about making a gift, contact Donor Services at 610-768-2323 or IMdonorservices@im.projectworldimpact.com or speak to your donor advisor.

The Federal Tax ID number for International Ministries, also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, is 13-5563392.