Short-Term Mission (STM)

Whether you are participating in one of IM’s mission opportunities or serving with your own group, you can register through IM to take advantage of the resources and guidance of IM’s Short-Term Mission team.

Begin exploring steps to short-term mission service

IM offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the world for individuals and groups of all sizes for children, youth and adults, and for people of all skills and skill levels. These trips are hosted by IM’s global servants and international partners.

Long-Term Mission Service

IM global servants work alongside partner organizations around the world to advance the work that is already being done and to contribute their unique gifts to further God’s kingdom. New ministry opportunities are always available, and every day, God is calling more people to global mission. Each of us may be at a different place in our spiritual journey. For some, a tug of the heart to mission service occurred many years ago and is now growing much stronger. The question is to what extent?

Explore the call to global mission

Learn about the steps of the process with International Ministries. 

Service Opportunities

You can have the ability to serve alongside many of our global servants and in-country partners in areas where we have been invited to serve. The Short-Term Mission team prepares volunteers before they depart the US for their cross-cultural experiences and our Mission Mobilization Team assists you in the discernment process if God is calling you to respond for full-time mission ministry.

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