White Cross

For generations, American Baptists’ helping hands have been reaching out to people in need. During World War I, women in the church assisted the American Red Cross by providing surgical dressings, bandages and other medical supplies for U.S. service personnel. As they met these needs, the women became convinced that similar methods would be of great help in the work of Christian mission. In 1919, following the end of the war, two American Baptist women from Cleveland, Ohio, organized the White Cross Service League, “channeling the war effort into support for Baptist mission,” to use their words.

Today, White Cross continues this legacy by providing practical ways for individuals and churches to help the most vulnerable in our world. Focusing on the small, everyday things that people need, like diapers, baby gowns and blankets, bandages and vitamins, White Cross supplies hundreds of items to dozens of different ministries. The items are sent directly to the global servant who requested them, who then distributes the gifts in person. In addition to meeting needs, this enables global servants to keep in touch with individuals for ongoing ministry and discipleship.


young girls in foreign country



The importance of White Cross is immeasurable, and in 2019, IM is celebrating 100 years of your generosity to White Cross!

Through God’s grace, this crucial ministry continues to bless those who give, those who serve and those who receive. Thank you for your loving commitment to meeting the needs of ministries around the world.


Your gift today will be a great help!



White Cross supports vital projects around the world to promote Health and Wellness, Education and Abolishing Global Slavery.

To find a White Cross project, go to our Find a Project page and, under “Type,” select “White Cross Projects.” Optionally narrow down your search by selecting a Ministry Priority (Health and Wellness, Education or Abolishing Global Slavery), country, region and/or continent and then click “Search.” In the list below, choose a project and then select either “Learn More” or “Give” on the right.



There are many opportunities to use our hands for God. One way is by making items used in hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

If you have been a longtime supporter of White Cross, the volume and variety of items to make have been adjusted to better address the needs in the Congo today. 


Each kit includes must-have items to help deliver healthy babies in the Congo, plus an optional gift of Congolese fabric.


Mother and children in southeast asia, family supported by White Cross


Each kit should include these four items in a gallon-size zippered plastic bag in addition to a financial gift of $2 per kit to cover shipping costs for all ten items that will be sent: Can be handmade or purchased.

  1. A baby gown with long sleeves, drawstring or elastic bottom for newborns up to 3 months
  2. A lightweight knit newborn cap
  3. A light cotton flannel blanket 40″ x 40″
  4. Plastic sheeting cut to 45″ x 45″ available either in hardware stores (sold as drop cloths) or in fabric stores. 
  5. Optional: A gift of $10 will enable us to purchase a piece of Congolese fabric for the new mother to wear as she leaves the hospital. (Please do not send fabric).

    If you buy the items, your group can still get together and sew or iron-on an applique or embroider a cute elephant, giraffe, etc. to make a set. Be creative!

To complete the kits, IM will include a bulk shipment of the items below. Each kit will receive:

  1. One nasal bulb syringe
  2. One pair of sterile gloves
  3. One umbilical tie
  4. One scalpel
  5. Two 4″ x 4″ sterile gauge pads


young woman painting, teaching kids to paint with resources from White Cross



Medical items such as gowns, scrubs, surgical instruments are needed for 10 partner hospitals in the Congo and your financial gifts make it possible to include these items in the shipping container.



Thank you to the many ladies who have voiced their love in gathering together to continue cutting and rolling. The rolled bandages program through White Cross is a beloved ministry among American Baptist churches, for decades. What IM has received we will continue to ship!

However, we encourage you pass on the White Cross ministry to the next generation in your church by helping to assemble birthing kits for new babies (see above).  Baby kits will always be needed and are such a blessing for Congolese mothers.

“I’ve seen a number of churches promote hands on involvement in White Cross as fund raisers via bake sales, or craft/quilt sales, or apple pie sales in the fall.  The money raised through hands on involvement in these creative ways is then given to White Cross” – Katherine Niles, IM missionary to the Congo

Other churches have reported creative fundraisers like a car wash, bingo night, or spaghetti dinner.  You can engage the men, youth and even your granddaughters in supporting White Cross ministries.” – Zofia Dripps, IM home office

Please continue to participate in ways that invite others beyond your church family to contribute and enjoy White Cross events. 


group of smiling boys in middle eastern country



Without your generosity, many of the White Cross projects would not be possible. You continue to transform lives by supporting IM ministries in health services, recovery and restoration to wholeness.

1 John 3:17-18 remind us, “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? . . . let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

To give online, select a White Cross project on our Find a Project page (select “White Cross Projects” under “Type” and then click “Search”) or on our “Make a Gift for a Project” page (under “I would like to support,” scroll down until you see “White Cross”).

To give by check, make the check payable to “International Ministries – WC,” write the project name on the memo line, and mail it to our King of Prussia office.

*Financial gifts mail to:
International Ministries

1003 W 9th Ave, Ste A
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1210

Only handwork ships to:
Brethren Service Center 

IM American Baptist/White Cross
601 Main Street, P.O. Box 188
New Windsor, MD 21776-0188

* Kindly note that IM incurs additional shipping cost to resend handwork that comes to IM offices. They must be re-shipped to the warehouse at Brethren Service Center.

If you have any questions or would like to update your group’s contact information, please contact Zofia Dripps, Associate Executive Director for Mission Advancement, at zdripps@internationalministries.org or 610-768-2311 or by using our online contact form.