Ann & Bill Clemmer
Ann & Bill Clemmer

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Ann and Bill Clemmer currently reside in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the Congo-Rwanda border. They work with IM partners Heal Africa and IMA World Health. Bill is currently based in Beni; he leads an international team of doctors, nurses and technical personnel who are responding to the current Ebola crisis, the largest in Congo's history. Ann is based in the town of Goma, 240 km away, where she serves on the Executive Board of Heal Africa, advocating for and overseeing educational and relief services to orphans and vulnerable children.
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| Tension, Violence, and Perplexity in the Ebola Hot Zone

Now in the 11th month of Congo’s largest and deadliest outbreak of Ebola in history, the virus is threatening to cross international borders into South Sudan and Uganda. Bill Clemmer, who has been serving in the midst of this outbreak since mid-October 2018, discusses the issues which are fueling this deadly disease …and why it may take more than ‘medicine and might’ to bring Ebola in this sector of the Congo under control.

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Daily storms… The Congolese people have faced, and continue to face terrible storms in their lives: hunger, poverty, horrific atrocities from the multiple militia groups, unemployment, volcanic eruptions, and the newest adversity, a virulent outbreak of the Ebola virus, already the largest and deadliest in Congo’s history.