Amanda & Jon Good
Amanda & Jon Good

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The Rev. Dr. Jon and Amanda Good are endorsed to prepare for ministries of evangelism, discipleship, education and theological education in partnership with the Baptist Union of Hungary. Amanda will assist with music education at the school managed by the Baptist Church in Debrecen, as well as those managed by Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid). She will also assist with discipleship ministries of the Baptist Church in Debrecen. Jon will assist the Baptist Church in Debrecen with its evangelistic outreach, church planting and church development ministries, and will assist in the training of Christian leaders through the Union’s seminary. Amanda and Jon will also work with the church planting efforts of HBAid.
Projects, Journals & News
| Hello From Debrecen

The Good family arrives in Hungary.

| Ready, Set, Go!

Jon and Amanda Good depart for Hungary.

| Missionary Boot Camp

We are in the midst of cross-cultural training and language acquisition study. You can think of it as Missionary Boot Camp. A typical day starts with early morning exercise, coffee, prayer, more coffee, and bible study.

| Spiritual Bubble Wrap

Have you ever wondered if there is spiritual bubble wrap? If there is such a thing, I am certain it is woven together by prayers of faithful people.