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Aphiwan & Scott Coats

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Tan (Aphiwan) and Scott are jointly appointed missionaries of International Ministries and HOPE International Development Agency. From their home in Chiang Rai, Thailand, they support Thai nationals in their own ministries as they seek to impact the lives of the ethnic minority peoples who inhabit the hills of northern Thailand, the Eastern Shan State of Myanmar and neighboring countries. These partner organizations empower communities to organize for social and economic change.
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| Praying Without Ceasing
International Ministries logo | The Nest is Empty

So the nest is empty. As we write this (20 August 2015), our two older ones, Alisa and Silas, are taking their little brother, our youngest, Sam, over to Virginia from Indiana to get settled into college.

International Ministries logo | Ministry Changes in Chiang Rai

After our family came into 2015, we saw a bit of a change for our ministry here in Chiang Rai.