Carmella Jones
Carmella Jones

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The Rev. Carmella Jones serves in Hungary in education through IM partner Hungarian Baptist Aid. Carmella is a listening presence and provides pastoral care to students, families and the school community. Her experience in theological and nursing education uniquely equips her to teach and support spiritual and physical well-being. Carmella, a registered nurse and ordained ABC USA pastor, is experienced in Faith Community Nursing, a specialty that promotes healing through prevention and wellness education. By integrating faith and health, Carmella seeks to provide personal health counseling or assistance with navigating the health system within the context of peoples’ values, beliefs and faith.
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| My Beloved Community

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. often spoke of a “beloved community” as a place of peace that is based on both justice and equality and where conflict is resolved without violence.

| Thank God for Ties That Bind

To my surprise, I don’t have to wait until I arrive in Hungary, to meet Hungarians and experience the richness of relationships and Hungarian traditions.

| Dinner at The Snake Pit

On the long checklist before leaving for Hungary, I needed to attend a course in personal security training.