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In Brazil, poor youth often choose life on the streets to escape the poverty of the slums and, more often, to escape abusive families. On the streets, they are exposed to HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, child prostitution, substance abuse, and violence. With the blessing of the National Baptist Convention of Brazil, Corenne and Philip minister to children who are part of a residential program that rescues homeless street children and youth ranging in age from 8 to 18. The program provides guidance, education, and training for future employment. All students have completed a paid internship and are employed before they leave the program. Corenne works mainly with the older children, working with them on life skills so that they can eventually transition away from a boarding school to independent living. Corenne also serves as a surrogate mother to many of the children, sharing with them the love of Jesus. After experiencing day-to-day living in a safe, caring Christian environment, most of these children make decisions to follow Christ. Philip Smith is the president and CEO of the residential program, Hope Unlimited for Children, which was founded in 1991. Philip is an associate missionary serving in Brazil in a joint appointment by International Ministries and Hope Unlimited International.
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We apologize for sending out something that is not personal, but have been trying to find a way to make sure everybody receives a regular update on our ministry in Brazil.

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The stock market is down 10%. S & P downgrades our credit rating. In 24 months, the US-Brazil exchange rate drops from 2.35 to 1.55, eroding our purchase power there by almost 40%. Nobody will give in this climate.