Debbie & Keith Myers
Debbie & Keith Myers

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DEBBIE and KEITH serve in Central Mexico. They partner with the Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico, AR, (CICEM) to provide pastoral accompaniment to the indigenous churches. This consists of training pastors, church leaders, youth leaders, and teachers for the children. Debbie and Keith serve in four states in Mexico and work with 34 churches within these states to empower the people.
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| Can God Do Something New?
| Chickens, chickens and more chickens

Many times Keith has said to me, “Deb, God did not call me to Mexico to build chicken coops.” Then I would say, “If He didn’t want the project to succeed, then He wouldn’t have provided the resources.”

| Bartimaeus Among Us

One of my favorite stories in the Bible occurs in the 10th chapter of the book of Mark. It is the story of blind Bartimaeus. I admire the fortitude and passion that he demonstrated as he cried out to Jesus passing by on the road outside of Jericho.

| Our familiar has changed…

How can my heart be sad and happy at the same time? This is because God has taught me to love. I’m sitting here on my patio enjoying the smells and sounds of Puebla, Mexico (home).