Gordon & Lee Ann Hwang
Gordon & Lee Ann Hwang

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Gordon and Lee Ann are serving in Yokohama, Japan. Gordon exercises gifts of service and hospitality. He hosts a weekly fellowship meeting in their home. Lee Ann works full-time as an English conversation teacher for junior and senior high students at Soshin Girls’ School. She also has opportunities to make connections with students in two clubs, through the foreign exchange programs, speaking in chapel and with their home-fellowship meetings. Gordon and Lee Ann continue to visit and encourage pastors ministering to survivors of the 2011 earthquake disaster in Tohoku (Northeast Japan).
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| Homecoming-ed Hwangs Happy!

Happy to come home? We certainly were! We spent 32 days in the States this summer.

| Waiting for Answers?

How long must I wait for an answer to prayer? One year ago and a little bit, February 2016, I began praying daily Matthew 9:37-8 at 9:38 AM.

| Bazaar Banana Cake?

Is Banana Cake popular in Japan? You betcha! Every year, at the beginning of May, is a holiday time called, “Golden Week.