International Ministries
International Ministries
| Mexico – Hot Meals for Children in Tijuana

This projects seeks to provide a hot, nutritious lunch to 100 students every school day. The purpose is to improve children’s nutrition to help them grow and greatly increase their capacity for learning in school.

| World Mission Conference

JULY 14 – 18, 2020 | Check back in the autumn of 2019 for more information on our next World Mission Conference.

| Costa Rica – Women Forging New Paths

This project will provide two basic courses to improve women’s self-esteem and promote healthy relationships in their families and communities.

| Congo – Women’s Surgical Care

This project seeks to reduce the Congo’s high rate of infant and maternal deaths during childbirth by providing surgical care to women in need of a C-section.

| Thailand – Water and Sanitation Systems for Hill Tribes

This project will provide family bathrooms, training in hygiene and sanitation, family gardens and village training gardens. Installing toilets and keeping waste underground will avoid other contamination.

| South Africa – Trees from Zechariah 3

Offering the people of South African an opportunity run local fruit and nut tree grafting nurseries can produce profit, improve nutrition, result in environmental improvements and result in economic sustainability.