International Ministries
International Ministries
Chile - Girls' Clubs | Chile – Girls’ Clubs

Chile has one of the fastest growing teen pregnancy rates in the world. Rise Up Little Girl is a network of clubs for girls ages 8–12 in some of Chile’s poorest communities. Each club provides spiritual, social and academic support through mentoring, tutoring, art and friendship in seven communities

Europe, the Middle East and Asia - Church Planting | Europe, the Middle East and Asia – Church Planting

The European Baptist Federation (EBF) Mission Partnerships is a cooperative initiative to assist indigenous leaders in starting new Baptist churches in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Central Asia.

Congo - Medical Residency Program | Congo – Medical Residency Program

The Vanga Hospital is one of the few Christian medical residency programs in Africa that trains young doctors in medical, surgical and holistic medicine.

India - ETC Nursery School | India – ETC Nursery School

The ETC Nursery School, which currently serves 70 children of various ethnicities and social classes, is outgrowing its aging facilities. This project will fund repairs, expansions and improvements so that the school can continue to provide Christian education to local children.

India - Northeast Christian University Construction | India – Northeast Christian University Construction

This project will build a Christian university to accommodate 3,000 students.

Haiti - Agricultural Development | Haiti – Agricultural Development

The purpose of the project is provide more than 100 first-year students at the Christian University of Northern Haiti with training plots, facilities for teaching animal husbandry and land for farming demonstrations.