Alise & Mark Juanes
Alise & Mark Juanes

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ALISE and MARK serve at the House of Love and the House of Blessing in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These ministries were established by IM missionary Kim Brown to serve tribal women and children coping with problems caused by HIV/AIDS, disabilities, and migration from their rural villages to urban slums. Working through longtime IM partners, Integrated Ministries for the Ethnic Minorities Foundation and the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention, Alise and Mark’s ministry focuses on the discipleship and spiritual development of children and staff, administrative responsibilities, and community development.
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| Lost in the List

I don’t know about you, but I am a list person. I have always operated off a list or calendar to keep me focused and on task. The great thing about a list is I can write it down and forget it and then go to my list for reminders. The down side to a list is that I often live my life focused on the list! I often measure my day or judge my day based on how many tasks I accomplished from my list.

| From Fear to Love
| Excitement, Renewal, & Global Service

Welcome to our first journal entry, check out a few things we have learned in our first month with IM

| Newly Endorsed Missionary Couple Slated to Serve Tribal Women and Children in Thailand

IM announces the endorsement of Alise and Mark Juanes from Sunnyvale, California, to missionary service in Chiang Mai, Thailand.