Eliberto & Molly Juárez
Eliberto & Molly Juárez

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Eliberto Juárez and Molly Jamison Juárez are endorsed to serve as global servants in El Salvador with IM partner Mision Vida y Paz (MVP), or Mission Life and Peace. They share a strong commitment to peace building and social transformation through the power of the gospel. MVP is an educational program based on biblical values to be used in public schools in El Salvador. The couple will build the MVP program by educating and training Christian volunteers who are committed to serve as agents of transformation in their communities. These volunteers will work with Molly, a sociologist, and Eliberto, a student of economics, to deploy the MVP curriculum. They seek to see churches living out their calling to bring God's peace to children, families and communities.
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| Heaviness & Hope

When we find ourselves without words, without inspiration: transparency in life’s heaviness and hope.

| Celebrating Another Year of MVP
| Headed to El Salvador!

This week: Our MVP Gala 2019

| If We Truly Listen…

Stories are not enough to bring about transformation, but they are indispensably one of the first steps in recognizing the voices of the oppressed and embracing an attitude of humility and empathy to truly hear them.

| Connected by our Roots

What Puerto Rico’s Tabonuco trees taught me about the value of deep connections to survive storms and flourish in life and ministry.

| Longing for Peace

A short reflection on violence in El Salvador and the United States, a need for peace that transcends borders, and the role of church as peace-builders in our world.