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Kristy Engel is a global consultant with a focus on health care issues. She is trained as a pediatric nurse practitioner and holds a Masters Certificate in international nutrition. Kristy served for 12 years in the Dominican Republic, leading mobile medical clinics and International Ministries relief efforts following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. As a global consultant, Kristy is able to visit countries in need of health assessments, ongoing education, health team visits or other forms of collaboration during crisis and non-crisis situations. Her goals are to empower local leaders, to help communities recognize their strengths and understand how to make better use of their resources and to build relationships that increase the health of populations around the world through innovation, networking and encouragement.
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Health in Lebanon | Update on Global Health June 2018

One of the newest projects I have had the privilege of joining is the health care education initiative for local leaders in Lebanon. I will be partnering with Crossroads Baptist Church in the Denver area and several local organizations working with the marginalized and immigrant populations throughout Lebanon.

| Bollywood, Eyeglasses and Babies!

What in the world could those three things have in common? The answer is, Symbiosis Bangladesh.

| Global – Medical Equipment, Education and Medication

A global health care services mission project will provide our resource-lacking partners and colleagues with medical equipment, health education and medications.

| Summer 2017 Update

Cochabamba, Bolivia is home to a ministry partner, the House of Hope (HOH). HOH and I began working together when I started my new role as Regional and then Global Consultant for Health.

| Spring 2017 Updates

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, in the moment you’re given.”

| Love Simply. Simply Love. Everyone.

Thank you for your ongoing support, prayers and communications with me over the last several months of my travels and work. I know many are busy with their own summer travel and I appreciate everyone who is keeping up with me through social media as well as letters.