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Karen Smith

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Abolishing Global Slavery Abolishing Global Slavery
Karen is the program consultant to the New Life Center Foundation (NLCF). This ministry, based in northern Thailand, serves ethnic minority women who are at risk for labor exploitation. The NLCF also provides protection and rehabilitation services to young women who are survivors of human trafficking, forced labor and sexual abuse. Main NLCF activities include educational scholarship support (from elementary to university), vocational training and therapeutic services for survivors, including art, dance, music therapy and counseling. Warmly evangelical, the NLCF strives to demonstrate the love of Jesus to all residents. Karen’s assistance includes writing grants and reports, public relations, strategic planning and supporting the staff.
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| Exceedingly, abundantly above all than we ask or think…

This past January, I had the privilege of participating in the 30th anniversary celebration of the ministry of the New Life Center Foundation.

| Mia’s Story

Mia is an ethnic Shan girl, and a survivor of labor trafficking and sexual assault. She was abandoned by her family and grew up with a distant relative on the Thai/Burma border. Forced to work in an orange tree orchard throughout her childhood, Mia never attended school.

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Since joining International Ministries in 1999, I’ve felt especially blessed to work with such a gifted group of people. Over the years, I have continued to look at my colleagues with a sense of awe, and have remained so grateful that I’ve had the chance to get to know folks who are just plain amazing.