Katrina & Kyle Williams
Katrina & Kyle Williams

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Katrina and Kyle Williams work in partnership with the Baptist Community of Congo (CBCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They live in Kikongo, serving at the Baptist University of Congo, where Kyle assists with teaching students in theology and other subjects while Katrina works with the accounting staff in finance and budgeting. The Williams also engage in innovative conservation and agricultural projects, providing “field trips” for university teachers and students. The Williams homeschool their four children.
Projects, Journals & News
| An Easter Assault

Easter Sunday in Kikongo was loud…more than normal loud. Whistles blew and horns blasted, people yelled out cheers, children went up and down the isles of the church and crowded the windows and doorways.

| Down a Deep Hole

There is a hole in our yard…a deep hole…a deep dark hole. It was dug a little over a month ago and is a future outhouse.

| The Approach

I came across this memory on Facebook today: “Connect Kikongo is 10 likes away from our goal of 125 likes before Monday…”