Katherine & Wayne Niles
Katherine & Wayne Niles

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Wayne serves with IMA World Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He serves as the in-country finance officer for several health projects and manages the DEVRU project, which helps Congolese fight starvation with disease resistant and high protein food crops, and works with Congolese farmers to generate income for many decades with a new variety of palm tree that produces abundant oil. Katherine serves with Congolese Christian health professionals and grassroots community leaders. Their goals are to reduce Congo’s maternal and child mortality rates by developing solutions to common health problems using cooperation, local resources and the Word of God. Katherine also coordinates White Cross efforts and support for the network of Baptist hospitals and health centers in the Congo.
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| Handmade masks for COVID-19 from White Cross groups come in handy.
| Congo – BHIMA Hospital Information Management
16x9WhiteCross | The White Cross container has arrived!

Unloading the long awaited container of “White Cross” medical supplies to the D.R. Congo takes a team of ten and two vehicles. It will soon be shipped out to a dozen hospitals anxiously awaiting the materials.

Kikongo Hospital | A chilling phone call, a specimen, and an MAF plane
| White Cross – Congo Medical Supplies, Nurses’ Training and Transportation

This White Cross project seeks to raise $82,000 to purchase and provide medications, vitamins, hospital supplies and training for nurses for the 10 hospitals that are part of the Congolese Baptist Community (CBCO).

| Congo – Better Health Care in Baptist Hospitals

Through meeting basic equipment needs, this project can improve the services offered to 100,000 patients who seek care in this network of facilities.