Laura & Rich Freeman
Laura & Rich Freeman

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Discipleship Discipleship
Laura and Rich are associate development workers jointly appointed with International Ministries and their nonprofit organization, Turkish Connections International. They serve in the establishment of new churches in one of the least-reached countries on earth: Turkey. They work with Turkish pastors and key Christian leaders to accomplish three goals: first, identifying new potential pastors that are well-trained and highly respected; second, gathering needed financial support for these pastors; and third, maintaining ongoing contact with each new church, engaging and nurturing the pastors.

In order to connect Christians in the United States and Puerto Rico with God’s work in this country, Laura and Rich provide a quarterly prayer newsletter and offer service projects in Turkey.
Projects, Journals & News
| Freeman Fall 2018 Newsletter
| Freeman Spring Newsletter
| Meet Pastor Emre

Pastor Emre serves a church about an hour outside of Istanbul. The church is composed of about 25 attendees, most of them coming from Muslim backgrounds.

| Small Congregations in Turkey Step Up in a Mighty Way to Help Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

The two young men were appalled by what they saw: multiple families jammed into makeshift housing on the roofs of crumbling apartment buildings.

| Coup Attempt in Turkey

It came as a total surprise! Who? At this time, the coup appears to have been organized by a military faction who are opposed to the current president, Recep Erdogan.