Mercy González-Barnes
Mercy González-Barnes

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What is a regional consultant? After 13 years of teaching, mentoring and walking alongside men and women in Mexicali, Mercy is now responding to these same concerns in the wider Latin American context. Mercy will also be part of a team that will come alongside the ministry of Cuban Baptists.

“I am responding to this new call with excitement,” says Mercy. “I am being stretched as I discover the diverse needs of our Latin American partners. This is also an exciting time of change in Cuba, and in that spirit I ask for your continued support of this ministry.”
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| Do you want to be a Blessing?
| Why I do what I do…

I was about sixteen years old at a youth retreat in Puerto Rico. The speaker had finished and there was an altar call. I started to pray for all of those “others” that needed to hear the call of God. I prayed for God to touch lives. I was surprised when suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulders.

| Rejoicing with Joy and Singing

I landed at the airport in Habana and went through customs. The airport seemed like an image out of the past and I felt a little apprehensive.

| Holy Ground

On Friday, August 29th, American Baptist International Ministries (IM) missionaries, along with faith leaders from the Episcopal, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Catholic and Jewish traditions, joined in a prayer service for Central American children fleeing violence.