Nora & Pieter Kalkman
Nora & Pieter Kalkman

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Short-Term Mission Engagement Short-Term Mission Engagement
The Kalkmans are regional missionaries serving as coordinators of short-term mission (STM) with the European Baptist Federation. They facilitate life-changing mission experiences by matching the interests of volunteers with the needs of the 50+ Baptist conventions in Europe and the Middle East. With only 2.5% Evangelical Christians, Europe is a priority mission field. Nora and Pieter travel extensively, roaming the front-lines of ministry while identifying STM opportunities for groups and individuals to effectively multiply mission efforts.
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| A Refugee Named ‘Prince of Peace’

With the refugee crises emerging explosively in recent months, someone mentioned to me that ‘migration has always been a part of humanity’.

International Ministries logo | A Revival at Hand

Last month I was in the Middle East and was surprised by the many Muslims who decided that they wanted become followers of Jesus, inspired by the witness of His children in this part of the world.

| IBTS from Prague to Amsterdam

This week, with a delay of 25 years, the Scottsman Stuart Blythe, was at the IBTS graduation celebration. As a student at Ruschlikon, Switzerland in 1989, he missed the graduation ceremony, and now 25 years later he made it to the 65th anniversary gra-duation,