Peter & Sarah McCurdy
Peter & Sarah McCurdy
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The Rev. Peter and Sarah McCurdy serve in Costa Rica at the invitation of the Federation of Baptists of Costa Rica, a partner of IM. Peter's ministry focus is spiritual renewal and spiritual formation. He serves local pastors and seminary students, seeking to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them, their families and others pursuing a call to ministry. He will also extend his ministry into Cuba. Sarah, a former French teacher, is developing her role as an educator. Peter and Sarah's hope is that, through their ministries, hearts and minds will be changed and people will grow into the image of Christ.
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| A Tale of Two Flats

How God works is mysterious! There is no one like Him and no one can predict His ways.

| Christmas Loss

On New Year’s Day, I received a phone call from my father about the passing of my grandfather whom we affectionately called Papa. He was in his fourth bout of pneumonia already this winter and was 96 years old.