Peter & Sarah McCurdy
Peter & Sarah McCurdy

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The Rev. Peter and Sarah McCurdy serve in Mexico City at the invitation of the Baptist Theological Seminary, a partner of IM. Peter’s ministry focus is theological education, spiritual direction, and spiritual formation. He serves seminary students, seeking to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them, their families, and others pursuing a call to ministry. Sarah, a former French teacher, is developing her role as an educator and spiritual director. Peter and Sarah’s hope is that, through their ministries, hearts and minds will be changed, and people will grow into the image of Christ.
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| McCurdy’s are Heading to Mexico

Downloadable videos are below. After much prayer and many conversations, it has become evident to us and International Ministries that God is calling our family to minister and partner with a new country of service. It is with much joy we share with you that God is calling our family to minister in Mexico City at the invitation of the Baptist Theological Seminary, a partner of International Ministries.

| A Reflection on Disorientating Events: Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation

In the Psalms, Brueggemann gives us a framework of the life of faith that helps us describe and deal with what we are feeling in relationship to traumatic and disorienting events.

| The Hearts of our Kids are BIG

Peter and a few colleagues co-led a spiritual retreat for 50 Dominican pastors and church leaders. This trip provided two blessings. First, the desire to see all four DR partners work together happened with this retreat. The second, was on this trip Peter got to do something extra special. He brought to completion a project our kids started and fundraised for back in 2014. God also showed us once again “God’s time” with the beginnings of restoration of relationships with pastors through the conference.

Roberto leading the youth in an activity. | God Working in the Hearts of Youth

The youth dove into scripture in a bilingual setting, worked on service projects together, participated in team building activities, worshiped God bilingually, and explored and experienced Costa Rican culture and beauty together. 

| Doing Life Together

God designed us to do life together with others. In doing so, we also do ministry as we allow God to work in us and through us.