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Ruth Fox

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Ruth, having invested many years in some of IM’s educational ministries in Thailand, is currently serving on special assignment as a regional consultant based in the U.S. In this role, she is working globally to establish baselines and strategies in line with the goals International Ministries has established through the Responding to the Call initiatives for education. She is also assisting the Mission Mobilization team to identify global opportunities for teachers and aid in recruitment.
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| Stories from the Front Lines: Thailand
| STEP – Thailand, Chiang Rai

The project will raise the educational level for numerous children and improve the overall standard of living for their communities in rural Thailand.

| New Assignment for Ruth Fox!

Chuck and I have been going through a massive transition since responding to God’s prompting to return from Thailand in October to care for Chuck’s parents.

Thailand - CRICS Building Fund | Thailand – CRICS Building Fund

This project seeks to raise $3,000 for cement blocks for each of the 18 classrooms, and a total of $315,000 to complete the new facilities for CRICS.

Chuck and Ruth Fox 2017 | We’re Leaving Thailand

After 18 years since our arrival to work as International Ministries global servants in Thailand, we are moving back to the United States next month. Chuck has tendered his resignation from IM and will be stepping into a new role as senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the middle of October. Ruth is in conversation with IM regarding the possibility of a role with IM that will utilize her experiences in Thailand/Asia and allow her to continue responding to her call to ministry.

| We need to build a wall!

On August 29th, the CRICS (Chiang Rai International Christian School) 2017-18 school year will begin, marking the 20th year since its early beginnings as the Family Learning Center of Chiang Rai (1998).