Ricardo Mayol-Bracero
Ricardo Mayol-Bracero

Casa del Migrante en la Ciudad de Guatemala
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The Reverend Ricardo Mayol-Bracero, regional consultant, accompanies the members of the Continental Christian Network for Peace in theological-pastoral formation. Based in Guatemala, where he works closely with the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala, he promotes these goals for peace throughout the continent: - Research: unraveling the sources and character of violence - Education: creating a network between agencies who educate for peace - Advocacy: calling for accountability - Organizing: mobilizing groups affected by violence to work together for peace
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Casa del Migrante en la Ciudad de Guatemala | Migrantes Hondureños

Aquí una nota reflexiva de la migración hondureña en tránsito por Guatemala y México hacia Estados Unidos.

Casa del Migrante en la Ciudad de Guatemala | Honduran Migrants

Here is a reflective note of the Honduran migration in transit through Guatemala and Mexico to the United States.

| San Juan Sacatepéquez

On one of these days, we went to San Juan Sacatepéquez, and we heard the voices of the communities that make up that municipality, their sorrows and their hopes.

| San Juan Sacatepéquez

Uno de estos días fuimos a San Juan Sacatepéquez, y escuchamos las voces de las comunidades que conforman ese municipio, sus pesares y sus esperanzas.

| Pray for Guatemala

Jesus, you heard your Father in the voice of a woman whom your countrymen despised; help us to hear your voice today in the words of those considered not worthy to eat at the table; move us to share the hope of a humane world. That in the voice of the excluded, we will feel called to share our food and our hope with those who long for salvation.