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Sue Hegarty

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Sue's ministry in Costa Rica is two-pronged. The Pastoral Care for Women program specializes in courses that help women, especially those in abusive situations, find hope and personal growth from a liberating Christian perspective. Many of the program graduates go on to minister to others. Sue develops and teaches courses for this ministry and is revamping current class content and materials for republication. With the Baptist Federation, Sue works to strengthen the ministries of churches and their pastors by teaching classes, Bible studies and workshops. She is a liaison with American Baptist mission teams that visit Costa Rica to develop fraternal relationships and assist with ministry projects.
Projects, Journals & News
| Costa Rica – Women Forging New Paths

This project will provide two basic courses to improve women’s self-esteem and promote healthy relationships in their families and communities.

| God’s Hope Changes Women

As we celebrate Christ bringing hope and salvation into the world at Christmas, I’d like to share a modern-day story of hope and transformation.

| Challenging Church Leaders to Grow in Ministry

Recently I finished teaching a Christian Education course at the Costa Rican Baptist Theological Seminary. Since enrollment goes up and down (a current trend in Latin American theological education), I was pleasantly surprised to have 11 students finish the course.

| Renewed spirits and God´s guidance in Costa Rica

This past weekend, twelve Costa Rican women´s ministries team members gave up their weekend for a working retreat (after working our “day jobs” all week).