Posted on August 30, 2021 B4M PODCAST!!!

Welcome listeners to the newly launched B4M Podcast by the Short-Term Mission staff. We have surpassed 1,700 downloads in 11 months!!!

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We are so glad you tune in from all corners of the world, from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark to Lebanon, Mexico, Canada, Nepal, Serbia, Zimbabwe and many more places who subscribe and download episodes of B4M.


As of early September 2021, our subscription has reached over 1,700 members. Praise The Lord! Thank you to all of you who follow us. Don’t forget to rate the episodes.

The Short-Term Mission Staff, Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil and Minister Nicole Cox are the creative minds and co-producers of this podcast. The sound engineer is Jennifer Samp. The unique and at times informal chats with guests, draw listeners even more into the conversations. Season 1 & 3  feature voices of MKs (Missionary Kids),  global servants who host volunteer teams, theologians  and well known co-author, Steve Corbett of When Helping Hurts.

The episodes in Season 2  are hosted by a few Special Assistants to the Short-Term Mission desk, like Rev. James Williams from the Philadelphia Baptist Association, Lynne Punnett from the Michigan region, Rev. Michele Turek from the California region, Rev. Dr. Cassandra Jones from ABCOTS region and Rev. Dr. John Grisham from the Great Rivers region.

Season 4 calls forward Emerging Leaders. The episodes feature high school youth and young adult seminarians who seek to make a significant impact in Kingdom building. Tim Dedrick from Touch The World shares more about their ministry with youth, students and young adults, and the intentional choice made not to travel virtually or in-person during the pandemic.

In the fall, B4M will criss-cross the globe and continue to invite listeners to build bridges as they reflect on nuggets they capture from each episode. Season 5 opens with Tory Ruark, COO of Standards of Excellence (SOE) who speaks of elevating the voice of the global church, staying God-centered as short-term volunteers strive to understand servants’ identity in Christ. Our colleagues from the Canadian Baptist Ministries can be heard on episode 2. The short-term mission movement is evolving. Some conventions and associations prefer action verbs when they refer to short-term mission. Missiologists like Dr. Jay Matenga speak of embracing “Xenophilia” as sending agencies and servants break away from colonial thinking.

We thank all our listeners who follow this podcast. We hope you engage and imagine yourselves, servant-leaders, followers, emerging leaders, volunteers moving from a transactional mindset into a covenantal relationship with hosts when serving in Kingdom building as God’s ambassadors.

Episodes of B4M, Bridges For Mission, enlighten, challenge, and remind all of us of our calls on earth. Thank you for journeying with us.

Thank you~~~Merci~~~Gracias~~~Gracie