Maudeline’s Story

Dear Loved Ones, Greeting. We wrote about Maudeline in November 7, 2012.  Maudeline graduated last year with her degree in nursing. According to the testimonies from her classmates, Maudeline was born a …


The longer I’m here, the more effective I become, one day, one month, one year, one term at a time.


“Trees grow in unexpected places and amidst many obstacles. We can be like trees and grow wherever we are planted.”-Tala, Syrian refugee resettling in Seattle

ACTS students Where in the world is …?

“Where exactly are you now?” a friend asked. Good question!

The Scream and the Silence

During the feedback session at the end of our conflict transformation training, two words were repeated by many participants:  “Scream” and “Silence.”  Both words referred to a powerful enactment of …

The Story of Dezo

Dear Loved Ones, Greeting. Let us introduce you to the most successful young lady from our Haitian University. She is Louisenie Desauguste, known as Dezo.  I taught Dezo in her …