Surprising Reflections from a Journey to the DR in January 2017

At a Conference for Missionaries in Pennsylvania in 2015, the call came forth to go and visit the Dominican Republic. The call never left me and it grew in Cheryl as we asked God where we should go.

Glory to Jesus

It is a Friday morning. The sun is shining hard and bright to warm our Thai soil and I’m on my second cup of coffee. Mornings are my favorite time to spend at home. I take advantage of the slight coolness (high 60’s) to don a cozy sweatshirt and soft pants.

Reflections of 2016

The Chinese New Year of the Monkey became the Chinese Year of the Rooster on January 28, 2017. Our reflection on the Chinese Monkey year (2016) reveals a fruitful year for the ministry.

A Refugee Named ‘Prince of Peace’

With the refugee crises emerging explosively in recent months, someone mentioned to me that ‘migration has always been a part of humanity’.

There and Back Again

I’m smiling as I begin to type this message to all of you. The sheer joy of connecting with you from so far away captivates me.

Please pray for the Akha village Mehter

About 13 years ago, some Akha evangelists and I took 35 drug addicts out of Mehter village to a Christian drug rehab sponsored by American Baptists in Chiangmai.