A Brothel Christmas Medley

A brothel manager of international women sent a message last week: “Thank you for coming to sing and give gifts! All the women were very happy and cannot stop talking about it!” The delight on the women’s faces made it a joyful memory for all of NightLight’s outreach team.

International Ministries logo Preparing the Way

It is our joy to be in partnership with you. As we go through the advent season, we are reminded to wait expectantly for the Lord to enter into our world and into our lives in new and beautiful ways.

God’s Hope Changes Women

As we celebrate Christ bringing hope and salvation into the world at Christmas, I’d like to share a modern-day story of hope and transformation.

My Experience in Maisi and Baracoa

We saw the ravages of Hurricane Matthew during much of our journey. It was devastating to see how houses, churches, and entire schools were totally destroyed, even coconut palm trees were literally uprooted!

Mi Experiencia en Maisi y Baracoa

El pasado 16 de noviembre tuve la oportunidad de visitar los pueblos de Maisi y Baracoa con el Presidente de la Convención Bautista de Cuba Oriental, el Rev. Osbel Gutierrez, su esposa, Sarita, el Rev. Roy Acosta, y otros dos hermanos de Puerto Rico; el Rev. Edwin Mojica y la Hna.

“Away in a Manger”

As I sing or hear this Christmas carol, I realize these words have taken on a different meaning for me. I am reminded of a landless, homeless couple in Nepal whose story I heard during my last trip there in October.