Thailand – Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary

The project will provide the first theological graduate school along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Thailand – Casket Empty Bible Curriculum

This project will translate into Thai the “Casket Empty” Bible curriculum to improve Biblical literacy among Thai-speaking Christian leaders.

Congo – Fizi Primary School Building

The project promotes literacy and increases access to education by constructing a primary school building for poor, orphaned and street children in the Fizi district of Congo.

White Cross – Burundi Education

This project will help 30 children complete elementary school and enter secondary school.

Latin America – Migrant Ministry, A Mile in their Shoes

This project will provide shelter, food, water, medical care, pastoral council, legal aid and human rights orientation for migrants seeking immigration and asylum.

white cross hungary White Cross – Hungary Bilingual Education Support

This White Cross project will provide a high-quality bilingual program in Téglás, Hungary.