Fund Raising for Malaysia Scholarship Malaysia – Sabah Theological Seminary Endowed Scholarship Fund

This project seeks to provide ongoing funding for an endowment that provides for scholarships for students pursing a theological degree (Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, etc.), and operational funds at Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The desire is to raise $23,000 initially and more…

Parenting with Love Nicaragua – Parenting with Love

Amos Health and Hope seeks to raise $541,622 by June 2022 to develop a replicable and scalable program to empower local volunteer mothers to facilitate breastfeeding, parent-child bonding and early childhood stimulation in the communities, thereby decreasing the long-term impact of the current Nicaragua crisis on their children and families.

STEP - Africa STEP – Africa Education

Generally, education in African countries is not free, and funds raised here will help prevent gaps in students’ education.

Global Gifts Poultry and Protein South Africa – Poultry and Protein

This project seeks to raise $34,500 per year for the next three years to build on an already successful project implemented in 2012 to train and equip people in South Africa who are living in poverty to breed chickens for food and income.

Haiti - Scholarships for Elementary and College Students Haiti – Scholarships for Elementary and College Students

By providing provide scholarships to help educate elementary and college students, we hope to help these young people climb out of poverty and have a future of hope.

Global gifts Nine White Cross – India Nine Hospitals, Clinics and Mobile Units

This White Cross project seeks to raise $75,000 to provide medical supplies for hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units in North East India.