October 4, 2017 Congo – Better Health Care in Baptist Hospitals
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
Goal$15,750 to purchase medical equipment for the Congo Baptist network of hospitals and health centers.
SummaryThrough meeting basic equipment needs, this project can improve the services offered to 100,000 patients who seek care in this network of facilities.
DescriptionMany Congolese hospitals and health centers are dangerously underequipped. Your gift can help provide medical equipment and supplies. Patients often walk a great distance for care, but in a country where average earnings can be as little as one dollar a day, it is difficult to find affordable health center services, let alone well equipped clinics and hospitals. This project will be managed by the Congo Baptist office of medical coordination, in collaboration with International Ministries global servant Katherine Niles.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides baby scales $100 buys a sterilizer $500 provides a microscope $1000 buys an ultrasound machine $1700 purchases a high efficiency, eco-friendly autoclave
Prayer RequestsPlease prayerfully consider what you part will be in this project.