November 21, 2019 Congo – BHIMA Hospital Information Management
Congo BHIMA Project
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GoalIM seeks to raise $52,000 for the Basic Hospital Information Management Application (BHIMA) software and the necessary hardware, and to provide training and on-going support to hospital administrators and accountants.
SummaryThis project seeks to provide tools and training to modernize financial management in four Baptist partner hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
DescriptionThe Democratic Republic of the Congo is rife with corruption, and when hospitals aren’t run well, the poorest patients suffer the most. Unless good stewardship practices are actively emphasized, taught, and reinforced in mission hospitals, good governance is hard to achieve and corrupt practices continue.The mandate of mission hospitals has always been to make quality medical care accessible to all Congo’s people, a country where per capita income is about one dollar a day. The goal of this project is better management practices in the four Baptist hospitals in the Congo where the BHIMA software will be installed. The Baptist Evangelical Hospital in Vanga is the pilot site for this software. It has significantly improved cash flow, identified instances of fraud, improved efficiency, transparency and teamwork. The hospital has succeeded in regularly paying employees and paying debts to a pharmaceutical supplier. There is an urgent need to support hospital administrators who seek to root out corruption in their institutions, stand up to tribal pressure and provide the best environment for patients and staff. The medical directors and administrators of these hospitals are eager to have this management tool implemented in their institutions. Once (BHIMA) software and the necessary hardware is installed, funding from this project will provide training and on-going support to hospital administrators and accountants. This will increase transparency in financial management, provide transparent reporting to staff in decision making roles, promote rational stewardship of resources and reduce fraud and theft, along with comprehensive record keeping.
Suggested Gifts$10,000 will purchase the energy and IT for installing the BHIMA software at one Baptist mission hospital. $5,000 will purchase the solar energy equipment to run the BHIMA software at one hospital and cover the cost of installation and training. $1,000 will purchase the IT equipment needed for 1 department in a hospital (pharmacy, accounting, patient registration, etc.) OR $1,000 will assure installation fees and one follow up visit by a technician to the hospital OR $1,000 will purchase the start-up consumables for 3 hospitals.
Prayer RequestsPray that the installation of the BHIMA software will benefit tens of thousands of patients around the country.