December 4, 2017 Congo – Medical Residency Program
Congo - Medical Residency Program
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GoalInternational Ministries is seeking to raise $300 a month to support 20 young doctors for residency training at the Evangelical Hospital in Vanga in the D.R. Congo, $72,000 for the year.
SummaryThe Vanga Hospital is one of the few Christian medical residency programs in Africa that trains young doctors in medical, surgical and holistic medicine.
DescriptionVanga residency graduates today run mission hospitals in the interior and have management positions and clinical roles (in surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, etc.). The program has endured civil wars and pillaging while turning out some of the best doctors in the Congo. There is ongoing need in the Congo for doctors. In rural areas, there is one doctor for every 100,000 patients. Vanga Hospital has the capacity to train 16 to 20 doctors at a time, but not enough funding to enroll them in the 3-year medical residency program. They are seeking churches interested in sponsoring a medical resident.
Suggested Gifts$300 per month sponsors one medical resident