Mission Projects October 4, 2017 Education for Ebola-affected Orphans in Liberia
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Education Education
Goal$6,450 will provide 43 orphans in Liberia, one year of education.
SummaryTo assist the large number of Ebola orphaned children, IM is engaged in a 14 year project (2017-2031) to matriculate 43 children from K to graduation.
DescriptionAs a result of the Ebola crisis in 2014-2015 the West African nation of Liberia suffered the highest number of deaths. To assist the large number of Ebola orphaned children, American Baptist churches are enlisting help to provide educational support for these children. This is a 14 year commitment to matriculate a child from kindergarten to graduation International Ministries (IM) seeks to raise $150 per child each year to provide financial support for 43 students in Liberia with the help of a waiver for one semester’s tuition from the Liberia Direct Baptist Missionary Conference (LDBMC). The project will be managed by the LDBMC in collaboration with the Rev. Dr. Charles H. Jones, IM area director for Europe, the Middle East and Liberia.
Suggested Gifts$75 covers tuition for one student for a year $150 per year, per student tuition, books, uniform and supplies $1,800 provides 12-years of educational support for one student
Prayer RequestsPlease prayerfully consider making a recurring gift each year to educate an orphaned child in Liberia.