October 23, 2017 Executive Director’s Projects
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GoalInternational Ministries is seeking to raise $500,000 to help grow services and new global servants.
SummaryInternational Ministries is connecting with many committed Christians who are discerning God’s call to pursue full-time mission service. The Executive Director's Projects allow IM to launch new initiatives and global servants.
DescriptionThe Rev. Sharon Koh, installed as International Ministries executive director in 2016, invites your participation in a compelling vision for the future of IM. By your giving to the executive director's projects, you prepare IM for the next century of service in response to God's call. Currently, IM is engaged with nearly two hundred interested missionary candidates who are in various stages of discernment and inquiry for joining IM as global servants.
Suggested Gifts$60,000 is the average cost to engage and train one new global servant $30,000 provides the initial start up cost $10,000 underwrites indirect support during discernment $5,000 covers a discovery visit
Prayer RequestsPlease pray about what part you wish to have in preparing future global servants.