October 4, 2017 Global – Peacemakers Mentoring Project
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Peace and Justice Peace and Justice
GoalSeeking to raise $20,000 annually for peacemakers training
Summary$20,000 a year for five years (2014 to 2019) will provide training materials, travel and stipends to train emerging peacemaking leaders.
DescriptionGlobal peacemaker mentoring will strengthen the skills of young peace leaders and give them international exposure and experience. This project provides training materials and underwrite travel and stipends for emerging peacemaking leaders to train alongside Dan Buttry or to conduct their own peacemaking workshops. Young peacemakers will accompany IM Global Consultant for Peace and Justice Dan Buttry to expand their skills and experience internationally so they can lead their own conflict transformation trainings. These workshops are intense, life-changing events that give people the vision and tools to act positively in conflict situations. Boaz Keibarak a young Kenyan Baptist peacemaker is a prime example of passing down what he learned. Now he mediates and trains others to mediate inter-tribal conflicts. He has developed his skills under Dan Buttry’s leadership, but he still had to sell his goats to fund his own peace work. Your support will also enable his work in Kenya and in neighboring countries
Suggested Gifts$150 covers local expenses and training materials $250 underwrites the cost of airfare to attend training $750 covers travel and training costs for leader
Prayer RequestsPlease prayerfully consider what your part will be in this project.