Hear the Call July 1-3, 2022



You can invite individuals who are wondering if God may be calling them into short-term or long-term cross-cultural Christian mission to attend this discernment retreat. Just download the postcard and email it to them!

Wondering if God is calling you into mission service? This event is for you! 

Explore your call to join God in global mission during this weekend retreat. Hear the Call is a powerful discernment experience for adults who feel called to short-term mission trips or long-term global service. Join International Ministries’ global servants and staff, who will help you evaluate your call, answer questions, and address misconceptions of what it means to serve cross-culturally. The weekend is interactive, with times of worship and Bible study, inspirational messages, and personal reflection set against the beautiful backdrop of the Green Lake Conference Center.


The retreat begins on Friday, July 1, at 7:00pm and ends on Sunday, July 3, at 9:00pm. Please plan to arrive in time for supper at 5:00pm and depart after breakfast on Monday, July 4.

Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin

The cost of $345 per person includes registration, housing, and a meal package for the weekend. Registration is closed for the 2022 HTC.

Attendees are responsible to arrange for and pay for their own transportation to and from the Green Lake Conference Center.  Nearby airports are General Mitchell International (MKE) in Milwaukee and the Outagamie Regional Airport (ATW) in Appleton.

A limited number of $245 scholarships are available for US citizens and Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) who are 18 years of age and older. If you apply for a scholarship, please wait to register until you hear from us. Scholarship recipients will be given a code to use during the registration process. Each recipient will be responsible to pay the remaining $100 when they register.  To apply for a scholarship submit this form.


The IM staff and global servants who will join you:

Rodney Ragwan

Director of Mission Mobilization

Jim Bell

Associate Executive Director for Global Mission

Sharon Koh

Executive Director of International Ministries

Glen & Rita Chapman

Retired Global Servants, Congo

Carlos Bonilla & Mayra Giovanetti

Regional Consultants, Iberoamerica and the Caribbean

Paul Rollet

Global Servant, Philippines

Jeni Pedzinski

Global Servant, Thailand

Ketly & Vital Pierre

Global Servants, Dominican Republic

Aaron & AmyEstelle Trout

Global Servants, Philippines

What others have said about the retreat:

“The ‘Hear the Call’ retreat in Rhode Island in 2015 was an important step in our journey to become global servants. The retreat provided a comfortable and welcoming environment to explore our calling. It was an outstanding opportunity to meet vocational missionaries, International Ministries staff, and other individuals who were on the discernment journey. We were also able to learn about the appointment process. The retreat was a special time for us. We deeply felt the Lord’s presence through the many prayer, conversation, worship, and reflection opportunities. It was a time when we could sharpen our focus and see much needed clarity in God’s calling. We captured a photo of an autumn leaf because it represented the beautiful spiritual transformation happening in our lives in that moment. We were thankful for the opportunity to attend and for how God worked in our lives over the weekend.” Jon and Amanda Good, Global Servants in Hungary

“The Call Retreat was a vital piece of our story. Nowhere else did we have the opportunity to spend quality time with both missionaries and their staff support as we processed whether this was a road we wanted to continue down. God used and continues to use this time to further draw workers into the fields. It was leaving our Call Retreat in 2012 that we knew God was asking us to step out of our comfort and into his world.” Kyle and Katrina Williams, Global Servants in Thailand

“Attending the Hear the Call retreat was a blessing to me. The first time I attended Hear the Call, my expectation was to hear the process on how to become a missionary serving with International Ministries, not knowing that’s not the only thing I would learn at the retreat. And although I was already decided to do missionary work because of my past experience doing short-mission trips, Hear the Call opened up more helpful ideas and planning that I didn’t expect. When I first attended Hear the Call, I knew in my heart that was a divine appointment for me. It is truly a discerning time, and I can truly say that God was in the midst of the retreat and took a hold of my heart (again!) and sealed my decision.”  Jae Stockton, Global Servant in Mexico

“30+ hours round trip in the car from Reisterstown, MD, to Green Lake, WI, was not enough to dissuade my wife (Teri) and I from being physically present at Hear the Call 2018. We did not know what was ahead of us, but what we did know was there was a compelling force that was pulling us towards Green Lake. For Teri and I, Hear the Call 2018 was not an event. It was the birthing ground of our Righteous Leadership Mission Field from years of ‘pregnancy.'” Rev. Dr. Ray Charles (Maryland)

“Hear the Call gave me the opportunity to clarify my call and help me understand the life of a missionary.” – Abigail Medina Betancourt (Puerto Rico region)