December 19, 2017 Latin America – MTS Scholarships in Latino/a Ministries
Latin America – MTS Scholarships in Latino/a Ministries
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Theological Education Theological Education
GoalThis project seeks to raise $75,000 per semester to provide scholarships for Latino/a students. $6,460 provides one student with a full two-year scholarship through IM.
SummaryThe Master of Theological Studies (MTS) in Latino/a Ministries through Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University is an accredited graduate level program consisting of 12 courses (3 credit hours each) for a total of 36 credit hours. Upon completing the MTS program, women and men are prepared for pastoral ministry and/or church leadership. Although the courses in the areas of biblical studies, theology and practice of ministry parallel other seminary curricula, the MTS program is contextualized to the needs of Latino/a communities.
DescriptionIn 2016, an innovative and collaborative program began to prepare Spanish-speaking students for thoughtful and productive holistic ministry and leadership in churches, organizations and community life in Latin America. Latin America and the Global South have become the center of growth in the Evangelical Church in the last 15-20 years. The reality of such lightning fast growth is that there is a desperate need to provide training for pastors and leaders in the church so that it can continue to grow and maintain healthy faith communities for decades to come. With rapid urbanization in what is considered the Majority World, there are very few resources and many churches are suffering because of lack of quality theological education to strengthen the church. The online MTS in Latino/a Ministries addresses this growing need for training pastors and leaders in the Latin American Evangelical Community whose growth has also encouraged Latino/a pastors in the United States. While quality training for church leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean is hard to find, funding post-graduate education with the scarce resources of Majority World countries is even harder. In response, International Ministries, in collaboration with Palmer Theological Seminary and the American Baptist Home Mission Society, developed a theological educational program that is one of the most innovative of its kind. Today, we invite you to participate in an opportunity to provide MTS scholarships to prepare hundreds of Christian leaders. Your generous support is what enables IM to respond to the continuing and growing need of people in places that could not do so alone. Your response with a gift or a multi-year pledge today will be a tremendous encouragement to us and to Latino/a communities. Receiving your gift or knowing your intention now, allows IM to plan and budget for the MTS program in future years. Giving today helps deliver theological education to enrolled students and future gifts will expand our reach to more people in more places! This project is directed by IM Regional Consultant J.D. Reed. He will be stewarding your gifts and providing regular updates on this program. Read more
Suggested Gifts$452,200 will fund 70 new student $193,000 will allow the 50 international students to graduate in the next two years $6,460 provides one student a full two-year IM scholarship