Short-Term-Mission (STM)

IM offers volunteer opportunities around the world.

Our short-term and extended short-term volunteers serve alongside many of our global servants and in-country partners in areas where we have been invited to serve. The Short-Term Mission team prepares volunteers before they depart the US for their cross-cultural short-term mission experiences to try to be the best ambassadors of the Gospel, best of God’s light of truth, mercy, hope and love around the world. As an accredited member of the Standards of Excellence (SOE), IM abides by the “7-Standards of Excellence” code of best practice for Short-Term Mission sending agencies. The cross-cultural short-term mission experiences can last from 2 weeks up to 2 years.

Below is information on getting started as a volunteer. The first step is to contact the STM office at if you have questions.


GROUPS please complete the online inquiry form

INDIVIDUALS without a specific area or ministry in mind, please complete the online inquiry form


After completing an initial inquiry form (registration), you will be contacted by a member of our Short-Term Mission team to discuss next steps, receive information about dates, forms, and other details. We are here to help facilitate the process of responding to God’s call to serve cross-culturally. All adult volunteers, (18 years and older) will be required to process a background check as part of the online registration process with the Short-Term Mission Office.

Please note that a $45 per person registration fee is required for all volunteers who decide to register with the STM office before they travel to serve alongside IM global servants and/or partners. This registration fee is an important step to complete as part of the registration process and will be due before any forms can be submitted. The process needs to start as early as possible and must be completed (fee and all forms submitted and approved) 30 days prior to departure. This registration fee provides pre-trip orientation sessions, post-trip debriefings, assistance with trip planning, organization and budget planning, free background application, cross-cultural preparation, spiritual accompaniment, medical evacuation & repatriation insurance, in-country logistics and the assurance that a sending agency is part of the safety net in an ever-changing world.


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Resources for: Short-Term Mission Trips

Learn about up-coming: Virtual Mission Trips


If you have already joined a team, you can process a payment using this link: Make a payment

Please know that as of January 1, 2023, we have a new policy regarding payments, deposits, and refunds.

  • Deposits for IM-sponsored trips are nonrefundable.
  • When IM needs to cancel scheduled trips, team members will be offered two options:
    –Refund of money received, with the understanding that the nonrefundable deposit is forfeited.
    –Money is kept at IM to be applied to a future scheduled IM trip.
  • Fees paid by team members that cover the cost of IM-sponsored trips are not considered tax-deductible donations. Therefore, IM will not issue a tax receipt. We recommend that all team members consult a tax advisor for other ways in which mission-sponsored expenses may qualify as itemized deductions.